Pink and Blue: Free WordPress Theme

Pink and Blue is a totally free WordPress theme ready to unzip, upload to your themes folder and activate. It’s a colorful 3-column theme with lightweight graphics, validates fully as XHTML strict, intended for (18-21) adult blogs, but easily adapted for other purposes.

Monetizing Your Blog

Blogs can be fun and profitable, but they aren’t magic bullets guaranteeing fame and fortune. The choice between blog and splog is up to you: done right, both can work so long as your strategy matches that choice. Real blogging is the way to go if you want the most out of the search engines for each of your sites, but be prepared for the work which is involved.

Technorati Tags

Tags, or “Technorati Tags” as they are often referred to, partly to distinguish them from meta tags, are useful not only to ensure correction classification in some blog directories, but for enhancing your blog in other ways. This article looks at some of the do’s and don’ts of tagging.

De-mystifying WordPress

Even as commercial software, WordPress would be amazing. It is easy to install and easy to use. But you are almost certainly going to want your site to have its own look and when you take a look at a theme for the first time – especially if you are not overly familiar with PHP and CSS – what you see may make no sense at all. This article will try to demystify WordPress theme files and show you that they are not nearly as complex as they may first appear.

CSS Basic Page Structure

CSS separates content from design making your sites easier to maintain, faster loading and more search-engine friendly. And if you build basic templates for the layouts you commonly use, just open one up for every new page or site and part of your work is already done.

Certainly using CSS means learning some new code and looking at coding in a slightly different way. But instead of continuing to build sites using outdated code, a little time invested now will save you a lot later.

WordPress Plugins

No blog or message board is complete without plugins and mods. This board is no different, so here is credit to the authors who wrote the add-ins and a useful list for anyone looking to customize their own sites.

3-Column, Search-Engine Friendly Layout

With the advent of higher resolutions, bigger screens and blogs, 3-column layouts have become increasingly popular. Unfortunately there is no single perfect solution which satisfies everyone’s requirements. This solution is one to use when search engine appeal is your priority. But be warned, there are snags!

Convert a 2-column WP Theme

As a way to help you become familiar with both the HTML and CSS of a WordPress theme, this exercise will turn a 2-column WordPress theme into a 3-column version. It is also intended to illustrate that with a systematic approach, even quite dramatic changes are very simple to achieve.

Become Your Own Boss

The 90′s are long over, those days when work almost magically turned into money. Now webmasters must think about what they are doing and make every hour count. We toss around clichés such as “work smarter not harder”, but how many actually apply them? It’s time to get off the treadmill for a couple of hours and grab your business by the throat.

TGP Makeover

Using tables to code text-based TGP’s undermines a lot of the SEO potential edge these otherwise content-rich sites might have, by leaving them with a high code to content ratio. And if a little clever CSS isn’t used, they can also suffer from that familiar lag before the whole page pops into view. The advantages of going table-free are not as great for thumb-preview TGP’s, but as this article shows, the code for even a simple site can be reduced by 25%.

WordPress header.php

The key to making changes to WordPress themes is to work methodically. First identify the relevant HTML; second identify all the CSS which relates to it; and third, understand what the CSS is actually doing. Initially make changes by commenting parts out rather than by deleting them. Comment what you have changed and test each batch of changes before moving on to the next.

Troubleshooting CSS

Even experienced CSS coders will face a page which doesn’t come out looking as it was supposed to. More often, a page will look fine in one browser but not another. Whether writing HTML and CSS or debugging them, a methodical approach and attention to a few guidelines will make your life a lot easier.

Comfortisse Bra

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LifeCell Reviews Fuel ‘Cult Like’ Uprising

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You Want to be Successful?

We all recognize that the online adult entertainment industry is fast-changing and becoming increasingly competitive. But what are you doing about it? Are you constantly developing your sites to reflect the latest changes in the industry, or do you just tweak now and again when you happen to spot something which looks interesting on another site or a message board? Are you actively developing your own skills and knowledge, or assuming you will pick up all you need as you go along? And the critical question: do you really want to succeed?